Gothic Gates when a man meets his love…R.M.Simone’ Gothic Gates series

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A quote from “Gothic Gates” by R.M.Simone series

A quote:
“THE BEGINNING… how a man meets you is always a moment you will NEVER FORGET. The door opened of  his LOIRE Valley Goth estate as a man standing silently wearing a mask…”  In the background the music was blasting droning sounds deafening reality.  All that was there was this tall man in a Gothic mask peering into my eyes.  “Speak, Samantha, I shouted inside myself.”

DANTE brings Samantha Devon…to him…

Only DANTE can do that….

Be Still My Beating HEART…

Author R.M.Simone’ roshandra-mist-2  gothic-gates-devon-soul-cover

REVIEW FROM Deborah.on Amazon

I fell in love with this love story of the past, present and maybe future.You will have to buy the book to understand what i mean . Samantha-Devon and Dante are just tenderhearted almost fairytale that have lots of twist and turns in it.You can most diffidently feel the passion of Roshandra’s writing is breathless she pours her heart and soul into her story you can just feel it it is so epic. Yes the book says Gothic in some way it is,but not in the way teenagers today define it i am not so sure.I think there is a little dark in all of us we just have to try to keep on the right path and pray to the Lord for his grace and forgiveness the world isn’t always black and white there is Grey. This book has Immortals,evil,good, love ,hot sexyness (Dante),Steamy love scenes that make you day dream just if only that could happen to me ? The Passion that Dante pours out for Devon is beyond the Stars. I give this a 5 Star Read it is a must buy in my opinion for your library.



GUISE’ the man with GREEN Eyes trilogy Menage’ A Trois by R.M.Simone’


GUISE’ man With Green Eyes…  GUISE’ pronounced ( gheez) French
THOSE GREEN Eyes…what was it about his eyes? Something played behind those eyes that drew me into the colors of the waters of Caribbean blues with aquamarine greens. It was his SOUL that drew me. But those eyes…ah, those green eyes.

GUISE’ trilogy by R.M.Simone; Soul Mate of the PAST.

Somehow in that first meeting his eyes spoke volumes to me and it was his soul. It was a business meeting in London for my new publisher and this threw me a curve. Now the VISIONS I was having and dreams made more sense. COMING ATTRACTIONS. I saw, felt and was submerged into an ocean of water around me with those green eyes of his starring into my soul. One word came to mind…ATLANTIS.…/…/ref=asap_bc…

Shades of Love – Masquerade at the Hamptons’ novel by R.M.Simone’


Fifty Ride… Shades of Love THE HAMPTONS’ arc expands into the novel.

Gabriella’s THOUGHTS…

A RETURN to The Hamptons had me cautiously sorting it all out. The first visit Tristan overwhelmed me with his home with his beautiful beachfront property kissing the edge of a romance story I was starring in. I met his mother and we connected immediately putting me into my heart. I also met the local socialite blonde perfect model like woman that kissed him on the lips making sure I saw it. Jealousy, something I never experienced before rose in me. The entire affluent community looked like a Hollywood movie set… set in a backdrop of wealth, beauty and an elite social strata world. The “Haves lived so much better than the Have Nots.” I felt Out of Place there and now a Masquerade event in my honor with our engagement was a social date. I could already see the huge white canopy being set in place. I could see flowers, ice carvings, impeccable table settings, fine china and silverware… all letter perfect and I was the guest of the event. I was thrilled to be with him. I was scared to death of that world I did not feel comfortable in.
Shelly, my best friend TEXTED me with one word. EUREKA

I grabbed for my iPhone and put it on car speaker. “What’s up hun?”

“Hun, I got it. I found the mask to end all for you to wear. I also want you to wear the slinky gold dress I had for my last photo shoot. Listen I just flew in from New Orleans and you will not believe what I found. I’m sending you a picture. Meet me on the freeway exit so I can dress you to the nines for this coming out event. I want you to BLOW those socialit snobs off their game Gabriella.” CLICK

She was only 15 minutes from where I was on the freeway and I debated for a second. I looked over at my traveling kitty companion Grace in her passenger seat. She Meowed. A sign for sure. I looked down and the picture that came in on my phone and it was gorgeous. Gold, beaded, illusive, sexy and mysterious and really gorgeous. I shook my head. Girls about to get into trouble. Nothing like upstaging the other cats in a girl fashion fight. I was going for this.

for the Arc Sample of Shades of Love The Hamptons…/…/ref=asap_bc…

Shades of Love NOVEL The Hamptons by R.M.Simone’

For the FIRST trilogy set of Shades of Love, Shades of Love – Passion andShades of Love – Gratitude

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Dominance’ by R.M.Simone’ something new…

ad-3-male-dominance-1 and JUST TO TEASE you all here ….DOMINANCE is coming  by R.M.Simone’
What do you do when a male is an Alpha and Good Looking and very very very Rich and is so used to getting his OWN WAY all the time? Well you CHALLENGE him in order to break his mold and the pattern he lives by and in. To LAND a man like that takes, Wits, a Chess Game Strategy and MOVES that does not allow him to Have what he WANTS. Pure simple reverse psychology. This is when a man like this becomes the man he really is inside his SHELL Image and his World might just melt to the Ways of Her Heart. She HUNTS and she makes it seem the Man is hunting her. Only think is she too is falling into her own game and they both have no idea this means winner takes all. What is the ALL? REAL LOVE

THE trilogy is REAL LOVE by R.M.Simone’
Dominance book 1
Chess Moves book 2
Queen Takes All book 3

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Le Club by R.M.Simone ACE OF CLUBS

Le Club cover ad

Le Club



A Gold trimmed deck of Tarocchi cards sat there ready for the Oracle’s touch.  At her other hand a deck of Renaissance court cards edged in gold sat there quietly. Her fingers drummed and she reached out slowly for the cards were speaking to her. The fifty two cards with the gold trim drew her hand and she smiled.

Ace if Clubs turned itself over in her hand.

Then the Diamond of Clubs.

Jazz played in the background and in the mind of the Oracle’ the cards began to shuffle. 

Destiny to read the cards moved through her hands as they began to tell her a story.                                                                                                                                                             

Ace of Clubs first…

The Chocolate Club – R.M.Simone’…. Gentleman’s CLUB

ad 3 Gentlemen's club 7

New Orleans.  One of the ‘classiest’ streets in NOLA beckoning men to open the door of one of the oldest businesses and professions in the world.  Roz was not like no other ‘madame’ for no one saw the ‘likes’ of her before.  It was in her blood, for generations of the women in her family all ran bordellos, whorehouses and yet, her tastes was more of the Courtesan kind.    When a woman is beautiful and intelligent, as she matures, ages she relies then on that intellect.  After all, all good courtesans know that you must engage the man with the ‘mind’ and erotica is a profession some can climb while the gentleman gladly gives of his money and other favors for the woman that pleases him.  Her skills came with a mind set no one could rival.  Now mature, she was running one of the best franchised Gentleman Services in the World.   She knew exactly how to please her clientele and she trained her women for a level no one could come close to.   She brought this to a whole new Art Form.  The New Orleans branch was her first one and her favorite.  Why?  Well something about the area of the soul of that region.  Something about the fact she had only gorgeous, special, chocolate women working for her there.  Something about her clients that wanted a Taste of Pure CHOCOLATE.  Warm, melting, sensual chocolate in all kinds of shades of rich brown honey and cinnamon.  GENTLEMAN’S CLUB by R.M.Simone’.   The CHOCOLATE CLUB.

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BITE ME by R M. Simone’ Girls going to Paris and Swiss cheese of vampire underground surprises waits

_bite me
FUN cheeky story is BITE ME coming so here is the story.
Three college friends heading to Paris and the Underground forbidden areas of the SWISS Cheese of the vampire world draws the young women to explore. BITE me is fun, fast and sexy only as Beauty and Brains with an American PLAY can be empowered young women and vampires? really? of course…

Gothic Gates Romance Contemporary NOIR Books by R.M.Simone’


To my delight and surprise, one of my avid readers MUSED me into a GOTH ROMANCE suggestion. I had not really thought about this GENRE” till she mentioned and suggested it for my next series of books. I pondered the classic GOTH work, which i do love, Edgar Allen Poe, Mary Shelly and Bram Stoker along with the history of those authors of that fascinating group of writers.

Here is what i found when i GOOGLED Goth; From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Gothic literature redirects here. It may also refer to texts written in the extinct Gothic language.

Gothic fiction, which is largely dominated by the subgenre of Gothic horror, is a genre or mode of literature that combines fiction, horror and Romanticism. Its origin is attributed to English author Horace Walpole, with his 1764 novel The Castle of Otranto, subtitled (in its second edition) “A Gothic Story.” The effect of Gothic fiction feeds on a pleasing sort of terror, an extension of Romantic literary pleasures that were relatively new at the time of Walpole’s novel. Melodrama and parody (including self-parody) were other long-standing features of the Gothic initiated by Walpole. It originated in England in the second half of the 18th century and had much success in the 19th, as witnessed by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and the works of Edgar Allan Poe. Another well known novel in this genre, dating from the late Victorian era, is Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The name Gothic refers to the (pseudo)-medieval buildings in which many of these stories take place. This extreme form of romanticism was very popular in England and Germany. The English Gothic novel also led to new novel types such as the German Schauerroman and the French Roman Noir.

This gave me something to think about regarding the CLASSIC GOTH past and VICTORIAN times creating a new style of Literature. Architecture along with Art an this Classic macbre story telling. This brings to mind instantly the VAMPIRE and Enlightenment of Goth period and IMMORTALITY or spirits of the dead and the past.

Being a ROMANTIC i was more focused on the story of how this came to MIND.

Immediately this name floated in front of ‘me’ and i wrote it down. DANTE’… Then what followed for this Goth work was SHELLY, BYRON and DANTE again. This set me in motion to create a contemporary Gothic series set in Classical background of locations, architecture and history that allowed the play of the spirit of Goth into a more sophisticated OCCULT time. Modern, classy, elegant, and GOTH Business of this man called DANTE”.

My story line took BIRTH. .He had to have his LOVE Match destiny to meet. Samantha Devon in Paris is noted in a courier office and his flashback of her to his past lifetime opens his door to love again. What ensues is a man that orchestrates then bringing her to his Gothic Event to deliver the music for the Soiree’. All of this is set into the world he lives in and the fact he is an IMMORTAL. How? well you must read the series to discover that.

She is modern, does not believe in reincarnation or past lives, but nonetheless, being with this man DANTE opens her own inner visions and supernatural experiences. WHY? Well these two have a sexual intimacy that you need to read first hand, take notes on and SMILE about. Need i say more. BLUSH, purely Tantric and EROTICA. Adult stuff and beautiful bedding.

Her best friend is smart, sharp, sassy and an attorney in business law. The ladies are in Paris for three months and Samantha suddenly is in a LOVE STORY Romance that she did not envision coming. Fashion, Goth soirees, travel first class and love making to die for and yes REAL LOVE.

Dante moves between TWO WORLDS and his love barely understands that or him and her own independent nature challenges this man that is always ONE CHESS move ahead of his Board Meeting and his WORLD and her at times. Sometimes she is doing what he least expects and relationship dynamic is mature, emotionally charged and sexually aroused constantly with fast moments of long nights together.

It will leave you BREATHLESS…wanting more.

Thank you JESSICA you MUSED me into this and i smile every time a NEW BOOK in this Unlimited series comes to mind. Some reading this series tell me this weaves back into CLASSIC GOTH. It is a contemporary GOTH Romance and has Dark and LIGHT shades to it and some fascinating, amazing characters i hope you will want to read more about. DANTE, need i say more.     _Goth ice creamcone

BOOKS in the series

Gothic Gates Book 1
Gothic Gates Venice, FALLING INTO LOVE Book 2
Goth Christmas short story Book 3
Gothic Gates Switzerland Book 4
Gothic Gates Chamonix Book 5
Gothic Gates Valentine’s Day Book 6
Gothic Gates Mardi Gras Book 7

Gothic Gates Dante’s Vision –  ARC Sample Free on Kindle Unlimited

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GUISE’ Menage a Trois’ trilogy by R.M.Simone’

_Guise' trilogy Menage a Trois

Two Men, Two Knights and MI 5 & MI 6

Honestly how did this happen?   My dreams never failed me.  They guided me always.  I saw coming attractions.  This was ludicrous.   I never did things this way.

London was filled with churches and my faith in myself was being tested to the core.   My love paradigm was about to be broken.  Seeking out a church was a needed sanctuary of choice.  My inner mantra kicked in telling me to breathe, head to sacred ground, mind quiet, regain balance to sort this out.  I walked in a hurry not seeing where my feet and adrenaline where taking me till there it was.   I was standing in front of the Temple round church   If this is where my inner guidance brought me, so be it

Prayer with God sustained me in all moments of choice.  Chose this or that, take that path or this or say ‘no thank you’ and move obstacles or temptation out of the way.   I had to pray.   My mantra took over.

“Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name..”

I could breathe again.  Then my next touch stone came in to give me my heart’s soothing balm.  “Hail Mary, full of grace, the lord is with thee.”

Then he touched me.

I felt his Presence behind me serenely waiting there for me.  He always came to me in an apparition in times of great need.  Always since my childhood.

Arch Angel Raphael.

GUISE’ trilogy   Menage a Trois’ by R.M.Simone’

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Guise’ trilogy ‘business & books’ 8th house by R.M.Simone’

_GUISE' 8th house

I was about to ‘break’ one of my own rules.  I never mixed business with personal pleasure.  Never..

The attraction to merge was taking it all to a new intense level of desire.   Just being in the same room was causing lights around us to pop, crackle and burn out.   I had to confront this and my anger was rising from my loins up.   Combustion was the last thing I needed.   My mind was telling me this was just extremely creative energy of a circumstance of two people that had high levels of manifesting through business.  Boy, was I working hard within myself in a full case of denial.  How could anyone deny that when we were in each other’s presence, a Tesla electricity changed the atmospheric surroundings into our own kind of weather front.

When I would walk into the room, everyone hushed, they waited to see what the two of us would do, say or how the business meeting would move.

I was now avoiding his eyes.  I could feel him inside my body like he had somehow been given permission to move in proximity to my soul.  My soul was within my body  My heart was with my body.  And this strong will of mine was determined to not let entrance of this exchange between us go further.

Boy, was I wrong.

An EXCERPT from GUISE’ by R.M.Simone’   trilogy

R.M.Simone’ “e books” on Amazon